8.5 kW

Peak Power

130 km


115 km/h

Top Speed

3.7 s

0-50 km/h

Explore UNO-X: Power and Reliability

Superior performance and reliability is guaranteed by our international team of elite engineers, researchers and component partners.


  • BLDC 8.5kW (peak) motor delivers a sensational riding experience with a top speed of 115km/h.
  • An instance of electric torque can launch UNO-X from 0-50km/h in 3.7 seconds.
  • Our single gear belt drive delivers power smoothly and efficiently to the wheel.


  • Ready for any road conditions: our center-mounted motor is isolated from all road vibrations.
  • Ensuring consistent performance: our motor is equipped with a liquid cooling system to deliver consistently even in hot weathers.
  • Enhanced reliability: the motor enclosure is specially designed to seal off the motor components from moisture and dust.

Explore UNO-X: Engineered to be Electric

The Iso UNO-X was designed and built from the ground up to be an electric motorcycle that elegantly combines style with sustainability.

Battery pack

We built a state-of-the-art battery pack, from world-leading Li-NMC cells, fire retardant packaging materials and a proprietary battery management system (BMS) that uses CAN communication protocol. Our pack is installed with multi-parameter sensors to study and maintain the pack while operating it at optimal conditions and providing the highest standard of safety.

Chassis design

We built an ultra-strong double cradle chassis designed specifically for durability, complete with a steel armor plated underbody for maximum protection of the battery pack from any road debris and impact. The design allows for a low center of gravity which ensures a stable riding experience, even at high speed.

Waterproof electrical system

All electrical and electronic components are automotive grade. The components are protected from water, dust and debris seepage, ensuring reliability in all weather conditions.

Explore UNO-X: Battery

Equipped with our state-of-the-art BMS combined with high quality Li-NMC cells, delivering unrivaled performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Estimated Range:

130 km

May change with driving profile and traveling conditions such as speed, wind, road quality and others.


3.24 kWh


42 Ah

Pack voltage

77 V


In-house BMS

Charging time

4 hours

Explore UNO-X: User Experience

Smart Dashboard

A waterproof ultra-bright anti-glare 7-inch LED touch screen dashboard displays all vehicle information.

Explore UNO-X: Mobile Application

Stay connected with your bike anywhere, anytime.

Turn your smartphone into your UNO-X smart key and get a live feed of range, trip info, and more.

Keep track of UNO-X trip history information i.e.: avg. speed, top speed, trip duration, time, energy consumption and more.

Scheduling a servicing session has never been easier with our online booking.

GPS live tracking, to ensure your UNO-X is secure and in position.

Available on Google Play and the App Store