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Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Motorcycle

Just like any other electric or electronic gadget, an electric motorcycle would greatly benefit from regular maintenance and cleaning.

Don’t be misled – An electric motorcycle requires a lot less maintenance and servicing than a regular Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycle, which is a motorcycle fuelled by petrol or gasoline.

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Why buying an Electric Motorcycle is worth it

Though an electric motorcycle is not for everyone, there certainly are plenty of reasons to consider the switch. Aside from the futuristic aesthetics, electric motorcycles bring plenty to the table to rival petrol-powered vehicles.

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Types of batteries used in electric motorcycles / electric vehicles

Just like every other thing in life, not all batteries are made the same.
There are many different types and formats of battery packs, with their own list of pros and cons, including price differences.
Read on to find out more about the more common batteries used in electric motorcycles and electric vehicles, and which one is the best in the market.

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How Electric Motorcycle Charging Works

Although a lot of thought, design, engineering and not to mention blood, sweat and effort, goes into the design and manufacture of electric motorcycle, especially the Iso Motorcycles UNO-X electric motorcycle, everything has been designed for the ease of the consumer – that is, you!

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What to look for in your first Electric Motorcycle (and how to choose one)

Electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly common, and are starting to look like a wiser and smarter choice as compared to other more traditional petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles.

An electric motorcycle costs only a fraction of that of a traditional petrol-based or diesel-based vehicle, and the cost of electricity is less than a tenth of what you’d normally pay for petrol or diesel.

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