About Iso Bikes

Iso has an Italian soul and a selected technological heart which resides in Asia. Italian style and engineering combined with cutting-edge technology: these are the assets that have gone into the creation of Iso, an historic Made in Italy brand from the era of Italy’s economic boom, now forging a new identity.

Passion without Frontiers

Complementary skills stretching beyond geographical frontiers to create a new force in the world of electric bikes.

The Soul of Iso

Iso is an Italian brand founded in 1948, with a thirty-year success story in the world of two and four wheels.

Today Iso has gained a new lease of life, thanks to the intuition of an Italian entrepreneur, whose name, borrowed from his venerable grandfather, is famous the world over: Ferruccio Lamborghini. Teaming up with partner Giken Mobility, the technological heart of the brand, Iso has given rise to innovative and revolutionary vehicles: Electric Bikes.

Iso is reborn under the historical Griffin logo, symbol of power and perfection, in the name of innovation, research, sustainability, and Italian heritage.